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June 7, 2021

42- Learn How to Master the Art of Pivot and Restore Joy and Happiness with Jennifer Dawn

42- Learn How to Master the Art of Pivot and Restore Joy and Happiness with Jennifer Dawn

In today’s solo episode I share an anecdote from a recent trip I took with my husband to Sedona for his 50th birthday. Nothing went according to plan, absolutely nothing, but it was a wonderful opportunity for me to practice surrendering and practicing the art of the pivot. 

When you make plans, life laughs right? Life will almost never go according to plan, and in those moments we absolutely have a choice whether we are going to let that ruin our moods, ruin our day, ruin our experience, or worse. When we choose to surrender and pivot instead we are choosing to be willing to go in a different direction. In that choice we open ourselves up to solutions and possibly even better outcomes. 

Relinquishing control and staying open to other possibilities has been such a key in my overall happiness. I truly believe mastering the art of the pivot is a really essential life skill. When I surrender to the present and I surrender to how things want to unfold (despite of what I want), my joy and my happiness can start to flow again. Through this I am no longer a victim of my circumstance, but rather I am in alignment with the Universe.

So join me in this episode where I share with you how you too can practice surrendering and become a master at pivoting.

We hope you've found today's episode of the Happy Productive Podcast inspiring. Every successful business is formed by a set of small, consistent, and attainable steps.

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