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July 26, 2021

45 - How To Change Your Mindset To Overcome Anything with John Davis

45 - How To Change Your Mindset To Overcome Anything with John Davis

When John Davis was 22 years old, he was told by doctors they were not sure if he’d ever walk again. John had picked up a heavy box of clay and broke his spine in two. He collapsed and was paralyzed. He was told for a fact he’d never have a physical career. However, John did not let that day take his dreams away. In fact, he went on to live the life of an action hero. He’s been a professional fight director and a stunt man for stage and screen. He's an artistic director of three regional theme parks, a sword-fighting comedian, a motivational speaker, an author, and a coach. He’s also taken his inspirational message to 16 countries around the world, including the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan, on 6 USO tours.

How was John able to overcome his diagnosis and not let his circumstance define him? His mindset. John decided that day that he was in charge of his own experience, that despite what happened to him, he decided what was possible for him, not what others told him. Despite all the fears thrown his way, he rooted himself in the fact that we only live one present moment, and that is where all our power lies. 

In this super powerful episode, we deep dive into the importance of having the right mindset, regardless of what you want to accomplish or what you are going through. We also talk about how to dissipate fear, what you need to understand about how the subconscious mind works, and how to maximize the present moment to achieve anything in your life. 

I could have talked to John all day. This one is good, I promise! For a special free gift John is giving our audience, his 5F Workbook, click on this link and check him out at www.corporateactionhero.com.

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