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Aug. 9, 2021

46 - Rewriting Your Own Narrative with Bobbi Kahler

46 - Rewriting Your Own Narrative with Bobbi Kahler

Today I am joined by Bobbi Kahler, who was given a 2% chance of living when she got sick and collapsed 17 years ago. Cut to today where she is a speaker and trainer with over 20 years of experience. She’s built a coaching career where she has worked with over 3,000 people and has become an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, workshop leader, avid athlete and resilient survivor.

Through her own personal transformation journey she has learned that no matter what we are facing, thriving is absolutely possible. We are the authors of our stories and it is our choices, day in and day out, that dictate what kind of life we are able to live. Bobbi is no stranger to adversity having faced childhood abuse, and needing to work multiple jobs at 23 just to say afloat. But through her perseverance, resilience and life lessons she’s learned, she rewrote her own narrative. 

In this episode Bobbi and I share an insightful conversation on how important our choices are, how much power we actually have over our lives, and how you can change your life starting today.

We hope you've found today's episode of the Happy Productive Podcast inspiring. Every successful business is formed by a set of small, consistent, and attainable steps.

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