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June 9, 2022

52. Optimizing SEO Strategy with Farzad Rashidi

52. Optimizing SEO Strategy with Farzad Rashidi

Farzad Rashidi, co-founder and lead innovator of Respona - a PR software that combines personalization with productivity - explains what he sees as the “correct” strategies to build quality SEO, or search engine optimization.

Getting yourself or your business to the top of Google search is not easy, and it takes a significant investment of time as well as novel strategies. Most importantly: spamming people should not be one of them. Farzad and Jennifer cut through the noise of misinformation and malpractice, delivering step-by-step guidance on how to build a foundation and then construct a tower of SEO success. The conversion spans on-page and off-page stages of SEO, SEO tools, keywords, a formula for prioritizing, understanding user intent to create content, and building connections with relevant subjects.

From speaking about the most common mistakes in his field to the importance of backlink building vs. content creation, Farzad shares gems for listeners, on their journey to becoming #1 on search engines. (Including the importance of being a podcast guest!)

🎞️ Lead innovator of link building outreach software. 01:02

 👉 Sales process depends on the product you have: which are the best channels for you? 02:15

🤷‍♀️ Is SEO the right channel for you?  05:48

🦗 When you hear only crickets instead of organic traffic: how to be #1 on Google. 08:59

 🤯 Huge organic traffic without spending a penny on paid ads. 10:05

 🕵️‍♀️ Two sides of SEO: keyword research and why a vote of popularity on Google is the most important metric. 13:46

️ ⚗️ The right formula: 20% of content creation and 80% promotional link building. 17:27

 🔗 Outreach strategies on how to get backlinks to your site: competition in content creation is huge  20:39

️ 🎙️ One strategy explained: the importance of being a podcast guest.  22:49

 💸 How Google prioritizes backlinks: purchasing backlinks is not working but some other strategies and tools are. 29:44

⚠️️ Hiring help with SEO: good content and backlinks are the magic combo, but timing matters, so watch out for the overly spread malpractice out there. 35:21

🤓 Farzad’s two-minute summary of SEO strategies. 40:80

🎯 Educate yourself, do things manually, and when you get a proof of concept, hire help. 44:12


 👉 Connect with Farzad: www.respona.com

 🆓 Find free resources: www.visme.co/best-graphic-design-books

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