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June 22, 2022

53. Building a Multiple Seven-Figure Business with Leslie Kuster

53. Building a Multiple Seven-Figure Business with Leslie Kuster

A multiple-seven-figure ecommerce business owner, Leslie Kuster is the CEO of “Back From Bali'', as well as a consultant, business lifestyle mentor, and a woman on a mission to empower women.

Leslie tells us the transformational story of her seven-fig

👩‍💻 Jennifer coached Leslie as part of the Profit First system. 00:38
🎯 From issues to no debt: learning tricks for growing her business from 6-figures to multi-million revenue. 02:13
🤓 The decision is the first step then checking the ego, and sticking to your decision in the long term. 04:42
⚡ Leslie is still using the Profit First system: the power of paying yourself first. 05:46
🧮 Success can be predicted by our daily habits. 07:54
😎 Being empowered and in control of your business: allocations, tasks, and income statements help to make growth possible. 09:23
📖 Leslie prepares the “Seven Keys to Seven Figures” book: being honest with yourself vs. fears and negative mindset towards success. 10:45
✨ Decisions backed up by your heart give a clear solution. 13:36
🤷‍♀️ Leslie juggled between two businesses and success was slipping from both, it was time for a big decision. 14:33
🤯 We are actually not good at multitasking: a residue of our focus gets left behind with every shift we make. 17:25
🌟 Working with coaches is important: selling a business or hiring a team? 20:43
🙅 Resistance in the ego: “No one can do it better than me!” 23:03
😇 Help from coaches gives so much: “Willing to spend that money on your own development opens doors.” 25:26
📈 Jennifer’s growth after Covid: chuck your ego and expand your business. 27:19
✈️ Freeing up your time: a new phase in Leslie’s business and traveling with her husband. 30:52
👉 Leslie’s wants are strong and she has a list of them: be honest to yourself. 33:52

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🔗 Connect with Leslie: www.lesliekuster.com
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