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July 6, 2022

55. Listen To This If You're Exhausted

55. Listen To This If You're Exhausted

Burnout is real. Jennifer talks about the topic from her heart, with her personal experience of exhaustion, and the importance of taking care of our mental health and overcoming burnout.

The show title says it all: “Listen to this if you’re exhausted.

😫 Jennifer went through an episode of burnout a few months ago: hiring the wrong marketing company. 00:54
🤯 She launched a marketing agency for her business coaching clients within 6 months. 03:26
🔍 Having a strong work ethic is sometimes exhausting: Jennifer googled “burned out”.  04:43
⚠️ Coaching session that changed her: breaking your own goals and mindset hurts. 06:50
🔥 Stepping out of her comfort zone to work less; it’s important to make a decision and get used to feeling uncomfortable. 08:04
🎯 Take a few days for yourself: shifting away from the victim mindset and blaming other people. 10:16
❗ Rethinking habits, slowing down exercising, delegating, saying no … just don’t get stuck inside of the burnout. 12:49
🤔 Thinking about what mindset you need to be in, is a great starting point. 14:46
🤩 Healing from burnout takes 3-5 years: “There's no way I'm giving that many years of my life away!” 16:27

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