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Aug. 17, 2022

60. Red Flags Of Toxic Employees

60. Red Flags Of Toxic Employees

It’s time to weed out the bad apples.
Most employees will show their true colors within the first few weeks of hiring. As a business owner and coach, Jennifer Dawn has learned some lessons about toxic employees.

Her advice? “Micromanage until they ear

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⚠️ I saw the signs but didn’t pay attention: beware of the red flags in the first two weeks. 00:53
🚩Not showing up to do the work over and over again. 02:51
🧐 No personal accountability - playing the blame game vs. offering solutions. 04:01
👁️ Spot-check the work, don’t blindly trust new team members. 06:40
💨 Disappearing when the heat is on. 09:11
🎯 Learn from the experience, and then hire somebody better, toxic employees happen to everyone. 10:54
🤩 Don’t overlook flags because you are optimistic - pay attention to new team members for the first 30 days. 12:00

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