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Aug. 24, 2022

61. The 5 Stages Of Business

61. The 5 Stages Of Business

The five stages aren’t just for grief: in this episode, Jennifer Dawn will dive into the five stages of business.

Jennifer Dawn has coached many leaders and entrepreneurs through the most difficult seasons of their lives. When you feel like your succe

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💲 Startup: investing in business 02:10
💪 Perseverance and hard work: a lot of businesses get stuck in this phase. 04:10
📈 Vitality and scaling: delegating, building foundations, without skipping the stages. 04:40
↗️ Exit: selling your business. 05:29
🖐 Why is it important to know the five stages of business development? 06:00
🤓 Developing your team takes some tricks so don’t skip phases. 07:16
📆 Transition of phases might take years. 09:36
🤩 We all need help: don’t suffer alone. 10:17


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