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Aug. 31, 2022

62. Create An Irresistible Brand with Chellie Phillips

62. Create An Irresistible Brand with Chellie Phillips

It’s no longer enough to catch the eye of potential customers: you have to be irresistible.
Our guest today is the author of Get Hired, Get Noticed. Chellie is a coach and corporate trainer who breaks down why branding is so crucial in a professional an

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🍵 Sassy southerner and football fanatic: Chellie’s journey from journalism, corporate work, and coaching women to rebrand themselves. 01:17
🤯 Jennifer Dawn Coaching made it through rebranding: the process of getting clarity in branding. 03:53
🎯 Reputation management: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. 06:06
👔 Business owners, use your employees as your brand advocates. 07:11
🌟 Logo, colors, and fonts are not everything: personal branding and story as a differentiator and a connection beyond just products. 08:29
😎 Difference between personal and company brand. 11:15
🧐 Elements needed for the growth of a personal brand: find sites and platforms that best suit you. 16:05
👁️ Credibility and authenticity are crucial. 19:02
⚙️ Social media content takes time, but there are tools that help tremendously in consistency. 22:09
🅰️ Be yourself - your voice matters: tips on how to fix your LinkedIn profile. 24:37
⚠️ Be consistent and not sloppy: beware of the image you are presenting in the digital space.  29:09
👉 The simple way to check your branding messaging. 32:43
⚡ "No one else can tell your story better than you can". 36:08

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