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Sept. 7, 2022

63. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back, with Jacqueline Wales

63. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back, with Jacqueline Wales

Are you using your fear as a catalyst for growth, or are you letting your fear hold you back?
Executive coach and author Jacqueline Wales has been able to build mental toughness in spite of a rough start to life. After living in survival mode for decades

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🤰 Jacqueline’s journey from Edinburgh to Los Angeles: life trauma and escaping situations where she was the victim. 01:21
🧠 Mental toughness and abusive childhood: “Being fearless is not the absence of fear but the courage to take the next step.” 06:24
🤓 Fear is your friend: the victim mindset is controlling our thinking and our behavior. 11:51
🛑 Stop giving your power away to other people: build inner strength and do things differently. 14:39
👂 A simple exercise against negative self-talk: whose voice is that? 18:09
🎯 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - the quality of your life depends on it. 20:01
🛋️ Jennifer went through four years of trauma therapy to heal all of the abuse from her childhood. 23:41
6️⃣ Martial arts taught Jacqueline the power of structure: commitment, focus, discipline, following through with consistency, and perseverance. 26:59
🥰 Make a commitment to yourself: learn to love yourself and learn how to be yourself with no excuses. 29:22

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