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Sept. 14, 2022

64. Put Profit First in Your Business

64. Put Profit First in Your Business

All of my clients survived the pandemic because they used the Profit First System.

Having just one business account, and referencing that one account’s balance when making fiscal decisions, is a recipe for failure. Profit First utilizes a system of mul

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💲 Jennifer is using the Profit First System by Michael Michalowicz with all of her clients. 00:53
🤩 Jennifer worked directly with Mike for two and a half years: running the mastery group for Profit First. 02:36
📈 Running your business on a system of percentages: create multiple accounts. 03:37
😎 Accounts for all needs in your business. 04:57
🤓 How does this work? This isn’t a short-term system. 06:26
📊 Why use a Profit account? 07:24
🤔 Is this system right for your business? 08:07


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