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Sept. 21, 2022

65. Susie Hayes - Being Stuck Sucks

65. Susie Hayes - Being Stuck Sucks

Every leader thinks they are strong enough to put their past and personal issues aside, but trauma will always rear its ugly head in every aspect of your life if you don’t deal with it.

Registered psychotherapist Susie Hayes speaks to us about how trau

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😊 Susie helps people become free from being stuck through multiple methods. 01:08
😶‍🌫️ How to realize we are stuck? 03:05
5️⃣ Five elements that are essential for moving from being stuck: F.R.E.E.D steps process. 03:55
😕 Face the bridge and grief: freeze response from earlier trauma can actually manifest as depression. 08:30
⏸️ The experience of trauma as part of your being: people sometimes don’t realize they are living life frozen in trauma. 10:00
👔 We cope by shoving issues down: trauma manifests in our businesses too. 11:16
❤️‍🩹 Entering the healing phase of trauma response with the help of a healer: you are not alone. 12:26
😔 Grief is uncomfortable, and we are running away from it: resistance does not allow the grieving to heal. 15:20
📈 Getting unstuck in business: expanding our own personal development expands our businesses proportionately. 17:25
🙅‍♀️ "I don’t want to deal with people": the emotional state of mind Jennifer had when she started her business. 21:41
✨ Going back to places where you might have been wounded: the universe will support your healing and return the courage you put into it. 26:09

👉 Connect with Susie: www.FREEDfromStuck.com 

🌺 Connect with Jennifer: www.jenniferdawncoaching.com

✅ Retreats: www.jenniferdawncoaching.com/our-retreats