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Sept. 28, 2022

66. Esther Etim - There is a (Better) Life After Being Fired

66. Esther Etim - There is a (Better) Life After Being Fired

Getting fired feels like the end of the world at that moment. Really, it’s just the end of a chapter in your story.

Esther Etim is a business consultant who helps young women further their careers in law and media while developing their voice. When Est

2️⃣ Women are scared to show up in fullness. 01:22
🤯 Writing for a reality TV show: getting fired for sounding too British. 04:12
😩 Jennifer’s story on being fired: when your dream job becomes a nightmare. 07:54
🤷🏽‍♀️ Having her publishing company, book, and blogzine but focusing on writing for the TV: BAFTA  award came so suddenly.10:20
😉 When the Universe helps you get on the right path. 17:56
🤩 Bad side of having tunnel vision with your goals: the importance of identifying your values and navigating the world around you. 19:51
3️⃣ Three types of people that are tired of the status quo. 24:12
⚠️ Our happiness is our responsibility, it is not the responsibility of another person to make us happy. 26:20
👉🏾 Useful exercise about complaining. 28:42
😎 Realizing you and your work are not for everyone and being cool with that. 29:58
🔝 When mean comments make us stronger: seeing uncomfortable moments as a gift. 32:48
💎 Learn how to recognize people, things, and situations for what they are and treat them accordingly! 36:09
✅ Put your ego aside. Don’t let it get in the way. 37:27

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