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Oct. 12, 2022

68. Juli Geske-Peer - Handling Team Issues

68. Juli Geske-Peer - Handling Team Issues

New and seasoned people leaders alike can take a page from Juli Geske-Peer’s playbook for handling tough conversations.
As an author and business consultant, Juli has had a lot of success melding directive feedback with kindness. Making expectations cle

👩 Author of Five Senses for Success: Juli helps companies and individuals to lift performance and coach leaders. 01:26
📈 The transition from solopreneurship to leadership: delegating, the balance of leadership, and clarity elements. 04:37
😇 Hiring new people starts with the interview: expectations from the first conversation and entrepreneurs, make time to bring people on the right way. 08:05
▶️ The first few weeks after onboarding: welcoming, necessary holding hand, checking points, and having open conversations. 09:43
✌️ Acknowledge if and when you were not clear about the expectations: you can contribute to someone else’s success too. 12:58
🎯 Developing relationships ahead of time: the hard conversations are the ones where we hold people accountable and growth sometimes requires change. 15:16
⚠️ How to deal with people who react defensively. 16:26
🙅 What is driving the ‘mean girl behavior’, and what happens when the manager is not addressing it? 20:25
👍 Always make sure you are validating the positive: when we give credit to employees, we build trust. 25:08
🤔 When you lie to me - you get fired… or maybe that is not a proper reaction?  25:48
🤩 Directness and kindness melded together to make the best conversations: using specific phrasing is important. 28:11
😎 Leadership is a journey, and we learn from each situation that we encounter. 31:14
🤓 When hiring new team members always go through your team's cultural expectation settings. 36:05


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