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Oct. 19, 2022

69. Jamie Lerner - You Always Have a Choice

69. Jamie Lerner - You Always Have a Choice

Words are so, so powerful, and the words we use when talking to ourselves have the greatest impact.

Jamie Lerner is a psychotherapist who takes an integrative approach to well-being. She specializes in re-framing: changing the way our brain thinks.

⏮️ Jamie started as a psychotherapist but realized it is not enough to ask people to look back. 01:31
😇 People need permission to look forward: getting out of being stuck. 03:00
⏩The power of the question, “Where do I want to be in terms of going forward?” 04:48
🎯 Joyful mode vs victim mode: reframing your current situation to feel better is your choice. 07:19
🙃 The whole drama you're creating for you yourself is really ridiculously funny. 09:53
😍 Give yourself the things that you would like others to give you - kind words are a good start. 11:23
🔌 We are not productive when we're disconnected from ourselves. 14:23
🌟 How to get connected to ourselves: the loving curiosity. 15:45
✨ When you’re having a bad day, watch the audition video of Susan Boyle. 18:04
❗ Staying in victim mode is a choice, and having awareness of that is a step forward as well. 20:51
🕹️ Go moment by moment: you control what you're choosing to think about and how you're choosing to feel. 22:52
📙 Jamie’s book: The Ever-Loving Essence of You can be found on Spotify. 23:33


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