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Nov. 9, 2022

72. It’s Time To Call BS On Your Thinking

72. It’s Time To Call BS On Your Thinking

We all literally make up stuff in our heads to justify where we are and to make ourselves right.

When crappy thoughts are popping in and rattling around our minds, it is time to stop them to control us. Sometimes is just the time to call BS on our thi

🧠 Our minds come up with so much crap: start to ignore it. 01:00
❌ Having bad thoughts doesn't make us bad humans. 02:30
🎯 Focus thoughts are where our power is. 03:18
🤷 What can be the cause of crappy thoughts? 04:21
🤸‍♀️ What are the benefits of releasing negative emotions? 05:45
🤬 Feel negative emotions. 06:04
📢 When it is time to call BS on your thinking. 07:12
✍️ Take action: journal out repressed emotions. 08:35
📖 Ripp the feeling along with a paper from your journal: three bits of advice. 09:20


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