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Nov. 16, 2022

73. Listen to This When All Is Falling Apart

73. Listen to This When All Is Falling Apart

When it seems like shit has hit the fan, it’s natural to want to give up. I promise you, giving up is not the better option.
This is a sign from the universe that something needs to change: within you, around you, or for you. Do what you have to do to g

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⏰ When everything goes to shit in your life: it's a good thing - it is time for a change!  01:07 
🤹 I get myself really busy to avoid stuff that I don't want to deal with: ignoring, avoiding, distracting. 02:18
👀  Is there anything in your life that needs to change? Be honest now. 03:48
🌌  The universe is working in our favor: ‘the beautiful disaster’. 04:42
❤️  Let go and let it flow: open your heart for something new. 05:37
🚫 Have a venting session: don't vent on other people. 07:22
🌠 Universe has our backs even if we can’t see it. 08:45
🌷 Process what you need to process to move through this. 09:45
👍 Get the help you need. I promise it's gonna be ok. 10:00


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