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Jan. 18, 2023

77. What To Do When A Thought Is Stopping You

77. What To Do When A Thought Is Stopping You

Stop struggling with bad thoughts! Sometimes when you are stuck, the only thing that is really stopping you is a bad thought. The answer to overcoming this self-inflicted woe can be as simple as telling those thoughts to fuck off! Don’t let your forward p

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✍️ Jeniffer's husband struggled with writing, and she felt angry about that. 00:53
🤬 Say "Fuck off!" to those thoughts: it made Jeniffer angry because she saw her own problems reflected in this situation. 02:00
🎯 I'm so angry because I'm seeing this behavior in somebody else and I'm actually upset with myself for doing the same. 04:47
✅ Is it a thought that's stopping you - let it go! 06:02


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