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Jan. 25, 2023

78. Alvion Legall - Protect Your Company From Cyber Threats!

78. Alvion Legall -  Protect Your Company From Cyber Threats!

Protect your business and your finances with cyber security mindfulness. Alvion Legall provides cyber security for businesses and shares his wealth of information about the importance of businesses being safe and prepared for cyber security attacks. Prote

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πŸ‘‰ Alvion has been in cybersecurity for 21 years: once you get marketing in motion, don't stop pushing, because it will only get easier. 01:23
βœ… Cyber security is not about IT, it’s about people, processes, and technology: be involved in the cyber security processes at your office to protect your firm. 05:12
πŸ” The same way you invest in an accountant, you should invest in cyber security, too. 08:06
🎯 Small business owners are the ideal targets for hackers. 10:03
🌐 Stolen data can be sold on the dark web or held for ransom. 12:43
πŸ’΅ Data could be stolen from a Google Drive, locally, or the cloud: most people would pay to get data back because they need it for daily operations. 15:12
πŸ“§ A story about an accountant who got hacked and never recovered from the damages. . 18:02
❗ Things you should put in place to help protect your company are physical, administrative, and technical safeguards. 21:46
πŸ“² Have a separate email account for banking: tips to protect your information during a phone call. 25:08
🏦 The insurance company knows you'll get breached one day but wants to really and truly understand that you have taken the necessary step. 31:45
πŸ‘ You can get a free survey assessment of your current infrastructure. 34:17


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