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Feb. 8, 2023

80. The #1 Self-Care Technique - Add ‘White Space’ to Your Schedule with Roberta Hughes

80. The #1 Self-Care Technique - Add ‘White Space’ to Your Schedule with Roberta Hughes

Scheduling “white space” into your daily and weekly work routines is an essential self-care technique for business owners. Roberta Hughes is a self-care coach who is passionate about helping her clients add peace and calmness into their lives. Being high-energy and intensely dedicated to work is the norm for many of us, but this kind of lifestyle can lead to burnout and make it difficult to relax during our downtime. Once we find activities and interests that work for us and give us that sense of calmness, we can use them to help shift our energy into a relaxed state when we are finished with our work for the day. Adding these small breaks and activities into our schedules helps us reset our energy, and permitting ourselves to rest can help refuel our creativity and make us more productive and efficient. Find your inner zen and make “white space” a part of your self-care journey!

Show notes:

🏝️ Roberta Hughes is the founder and lead instructor at PeaceFull Living: give yourself permission to go on vacation. 03:29
🇷🇸 How your family background can impact your self-care. 05:12
💪 You may need to spend some effort strengthening your self-care muscle the same way you do your business muscle. 08:05
🧘‍♀️ Invest in yourself so you can know what nurturing feels like - meditation is excellent for rest & relaxation. 10:11
✅ Carve out white space in your calendar to make time for human moments - Jennifer went from 60 to 50 minutes of coaching to integrate a zen break into her schedule. 15:01
🐎 Recognize the symptoms before burnout occurs, set boundaries, and find things that evoke a sense of peace and calm within your body - like a horse or a motorcycle. 16:20
💆‍♀️ Create a ritual that you can immerse yourself in. 21:26
🧠 Lower brain waves are where our body is inspired by creativity - an overactive brain can't tap into it. 24:17
🗓️ Permit yourself to fuel your productivity so that you can be the best version of yourself: schedule zen breaks with the natural rhythm of your workflow. 25:38
💙 Don't put too much pressure on yourself. 30:21
👔 The 90-day breakthrough challenge - nurture habits of growing your business: schedule your day to tackle tasks with your best brain power. 32:26
🫶 Roberta and Jennifer create a sense of “white space balance” together. 39:18
🎯 Anytime we set goals for ourselves, whether for our business or self-care, it should feel scary: shift your focus to intention and the money becomes a byproduct of the provided value. 43:17
💚 Roberta offers a 28 day program devoted to self-care and self-love in February. 45:06


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