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Feb. 22, 2023

82. How Personal Toxicity and Addiction Can Show Up In Your Business - A Cautionary Tale

82. How Personal Toxicity and Addiction Can Show Up In Your Business - A Cautionary Tale

Your business can’t grow if you can’t grow, and being honest with yourself is the key. 

Jason Portnoy is a venture capitalist and author of Silicon Valley Porn Star, a book that outlines his healing journey from addiction to serenity. Everybody strives for success, but for some of us, pursuing achievements may be a distraction from shame and internal issues we aren’t ready to face yet. 

All facets of who we are as people are connected, and the problems we have in our personal lives will eventually manifest into our business life. If you are ready to start your healing journey, you must be honest, vulnerable, and ready to share your secrets to get to the root of your traumas. Stop looking for comfort in distractions and honor your most authentic self!

Show Notes:
🔞 Jason worked in Silicon Valley with some big faces but traumas from childhood triggered a sexual addiction: he wrote a book called Silicon Valley Porn Star. 04:16
📖 Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw is a book that helped Jason fight through his toxic shame: hyper-achievement can be driven by shame and even rewarded. 07:45
🌞 Remove the layers that block out the sun: happiness is a natural byproduct. 11:19
☯️ Peacefulness and serenity are less of an emotion and more like a state of being: that's what most of us want when we want happiness. 14:06
🤐 When you don’t know that everything in life is connected: Jason was omitting selective facts to his coach - he thought some weren't relevant to his healing process. 17:41
✅ We can undergo fundamental healing and progress in all aspects of our lives when we present our whole selves. 19:24
💼 Jason works as a venture capitalist with a different perspective: your business can't grow faster than you grow, and your business can't get bigger than you are. 22:31
🎯 Being an entrepreneur is being ready to manifest a creation that shows you in the real world and outlines where your limits are so that you can push through those limits. 25:04
👩‍❤️‍👨 Jason and his wife managed to heal - they both took responsibility for what was happening: some relationships shouldn't continue. 29:08
📣 Letting his secrets out started the healing: a man coming clean to a woman is partially about him being honest with her and honoring that commitment in the relationship. 35:13
➡️ There are different kinds of secrets - both conscious & unaware - we discover them on the way. 38:12


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