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March 1, 2023

83. Why You Suck At Being Happy

83. Why You Suck At Being Happy

If you are working towards a happier life, ensure that you do it from a place of power and abundance. Being happy is a universal goal, yet it seems to remain inaccessible to so many of us. When we are not thankful for the things we already have and feel victimized by our situations, we are approaching the journey toward happiness from a powerless standpoint and making it a conditional goal. We must put in the hard work to heal ourselves, face our negative emotions, and adopt a positive, thankful attitude, and happiness will naturally follow. Stay in control of your power to achieve a positive and productive mindset!

Show Notes
๐Ÿ– "Happy Productive" comes from creating that happy place where we can make the most of our time being productive: 5 mistakes that make you suck at being happy. 00:53
๐Ÿ’ธ Mistake #1 - Giving our power away by chasing goals and putting conditions on happiness. 03:30
๐Ÿ’— Mistake #2 - Forgetting to practice gratitude: set goals from a place of abundance, power, and gratitude. 06:15
โ— Mistake #3 - Victim mindset: you have control over your reality. 11:13
โœ… Mistake #4 - You're not healing your crap: fight, flight, and freeze reactions show us crap we didn't recover from yet. 14:13
๐Ÿ“– โ€˜Best Journal Everโ€™ was created to be a great tool for a healing journey. 19:28
โš ๏ธ Truth mirroring can show us that what we're so mad at another person for may be a reflection of what's going on in ourselves. 22:43
โฃ๏ธ Mistake #5 - We don't do the hard work: happiness lives at the other end of hard. 24:59
๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ Unbreakable Retreats combine a Spartan Race with business and life coaching: doing things you think you can't do builds strength and mental toughness. 27:22
๐Ÿ“‰ Personal walls and justifications can block your business development. 29:30
๐Ÿค— Use these tools today and join the 90-Day Breakthrough Challenge if you're interested in further development. 32:54


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