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April 26, 2023

91. Dr. John Demartini - Don't Be Fooled By The Facade of Others

91. Dr. John Demartini - Don't Be Fooled By The Facade of Others
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You can't find success until you stop comparing yourself to others and realize your true values. Dr. John Demartini is a renowned self-development author and shares his knowledge and wisdom on how to be accountable to your most authentic, successful self. Every time you put another person on a pedestal, you are depreciating yourself and misaligning yourself from your true values. The truth is that everybody has their own intelligence and areas of success based on their unique, core values, and our judgment of other people only obscures this. The key to success is self-accountability, owning your personal goals, and aligning the actions you make in life to your values. You are not missing what you see in others, so stop judging yourself and discover what’s important to you!

🫶 Stop being narcissistic and altruistic - maximize economic growth and self-worth: when we compare ourselves to others we set ourselves up for injected values from outer authorities and end up judging ourselves. 02:30
❤️ Nothing is missing in you, but the moment you are fooled by the facade of others and compare yourself to them, you start to exaggerate or minimize yourself: everything you admire in others is on the outside. 08:25
✅ Drop the judgment of others: you have the same intelligence in a different area. 14:49
❗ The second you compare yourself to others and create a fantasy of who you should be and you undermine the magnificence of who you are. 21:22
✌️ You have 2 choices: set goals that match your values, or change your values to match the goals you say you want. 22:40
💯 Most people are passively following their values in life instead of taking command: the wealthiest people look for how they can be of service to more people. They value maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their work, saving and investing, and creating a financial cause that leaves a legacy. 29:59


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