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4 Tips for Leaving the Office Bursting with Energy | Jennifer Dawn

Happy Productive 36 - 4 Tips for Leaving the Office Bursting with Energy

Do you ever find yourself finishing a work day absolutely drained with energy? Do you sit on the couch, eat pizza and watch TV as your "prize" for working a 8/10/12 hour day? That certainly used to be me. So when I saw that Kate Hutson had tips on how to finish off the work day not drained but actually full of energy, I knew I had to have her on.

Kate is an executive life coach and speaker who helps women develop courage and leadership skills with her coaching practice, Shattered Glass Coaching. Her and I sit down and talk about what you can do to keep your energy high, regardless of how long or how hard you work. It certainly is possible, and it comes down to the decisions you make throughout the day.

From starting the day off with the right intention, to the importance of changing sceneries, Kate and I have a wonderful value-packed discussion you will absolutely love!

You can find Kate at www.shatteredglasscoaching.com