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Happy Productive Ep 50

In this super exciting episode, we are talking about our upcoming 4-day Retreat happening in Montana in May. This will be our Unbreakable retreat for business owners to get clarity, build confidence and push their limits. But this is more than just a business retreat, no no, it is so unique because we are combining business and life coaching with a Spartan race to top it all off!

If you’ve never heard of a Spartan race, it’s an obstacle course that’s become a huge part of my life. My sister Alesha got me into them, and from the moment I did one (and did not die), I was hooked. Last year I completed 12 Spartan Races, with the last 3 being a beast which are half marathons. Spartans have completely transformed my life, especially my mental toughness. And the amazing thing is that the tougher I’ve become physically, the more my business has grown. That is where the idea of the Unbreakable Retreat came from. 

I am joined by three special guests this episode, Adrienne Garland, founder of She Leads Media and marketing strategist, Julie Moses, our vision, goal and accountability coach, and Alesha Burkeen, our health and fitness coach and marketing manager (and my sister!). All of these ladies will join me at the Unbreakable Retreat in May - how exciting!

So join us in this episode where we will talk about our journeys that got us to where we are today (and the lessons we’ve learned), how pushing yourself physically spills over into other areas in your life in the best way possible, what you can expect with our upcoming Unbreakable Retreat and so much more. This one is jam packed - I promise!