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Jennifer Dawn Coaching Testimonial - Jasmine Dillard

“I have been a client of Jennifer's at Jennifer Dawn Coaching now for 14 months. I can't believe first of all that it's been that long, and I can't believe how much I have learned in that short period of time! Jennifer recommended to me and I started with Profit First, and I went through this process of learning the importance of really putting my profit as a priority, and how to save for taxes, and just to think differently, and how to value the time that I am working, and to reward myself.

I never really thought that was possible and Jennifer helped me realize that.

So first, we did profit first, and then I went through this amazing process called cashflow fix, which was a game-changer for me. It's still something that I do, almost quarterly. I look at all of the different expenses that I have at my business and Jennifer really coaches me on ways that I can save ways to think differently.

Then I started working with her on measuring my KPIs, my key performance indicators. First of all, I never used to talk like that! But now I know how important it is to look at your numbers, so I'm not really afraid of it anymore.

I've learned a lot about delegating.
I've learned a lot about being very strategic.
I’ve learned a lot about seeing different profit sources in my business.
And like I said, evaluating my numbers.

“I really wanted to share with you in 14 months what I've learned and why it was so valuable. I'm so excited about the next 14 months because the whole point of all of this (and Jennifer reminds us all the time), is to scale your business and to scale it in such a way that you learn to work less. And to me, that is so exciting. And I'm excited about my next chapter with Jennifer and the team at Jennifer Dawn Coaching.” Jass Dillard, Kumon Owner