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Jennifer Dawn - Staying Productive While Working From Home

Happy Productive 33 - Staying Productive While Working From Home

Working from home has become a reality for many during these unprecedented times. For some, it's what they are used to and for others, it's become something they've had to get used to, and for many, it's still an adjustment they have yet to get used to.

So how do we optimize our productivity while working from home when there is no separation between work-life, and personal-life? How do we turn off our work-mode when we are now working on our kitchens or our bedrooms? How do we set healthy boundaries with our clients, our children, and ourselves?

These are all topics I discussed with my very special guest on this episode, Lori Baker-Schena, a leadership coach and professional speaker who works with business owners and entrepreneurs all across the country to increase their business by enhancing employee satisfaction.

So join me in this episode as we deep dive into how to stay productive and motivated while working from home.

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