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Dec. 28, 2022

76. Join The 90-Day Challenge

76. Join The 90-Day Challenge

The perfect balance between work and life is within reach. If you are burnt out from putting 110% into your business, you might just need a better time-management system. You are a reflection of your business, so your stress can impact revenue and product

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✨ I could do so much more if I get it together: the business of your dreams with work-life balance. 00:56
❗ Over time we can start to resent our businesses because we are tired. 02:38
🎙️ Case studies for podcast & book - share your story: you can have it all. 03:10
📊 Just 2% of women business owners cross the 7-figure mark: we reflect what's going on personally in our businesses. 04:30
👌 In 90 days you will achieve your 3 breakthrough results with this successful: learn it once to serve you for life. 07:00
⏳ Break the cycle of overwhelm, burnout, and frustration to master time and create money: don't give up, get it right! 09:12
🤑 Get 3 bonuses: best planner ever, best journal ever & pairing with a private accountability coach. 10:54
✅ Perfection is unrealistic, but with a great system, you can handle everything: short videos, a Facebook group & private coaching calls with Jennifer. 11:52
💯 If you don't get the results you set on Day 1, Jen will work with you for free until you get them. 14:28
✌️ Best & worst scenario: you can get a 100% refund, risk-free. 15:21
😍 Retreat for private clients in Costa Rica - take care of your wellness & celebrate success, no drama, just a safe space. 17:12


📩  Application mail:  team@jenniferdawncoaching.com


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